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“When I came to Dr. Myers, I was having a lot of pain in my lower back and leg. After only 3 sessions I have improved greatly. I do not have any more back or leg pain. It has helped so much!”

– D.Y.

“Dr. Myers came in on his time off for an acute neck injury. He also prayed with me prior to treatment. This is the only chiropractic center that I would recommend. Very knowledgeable and truly care about the patient. Thanks so much!”

– B.B.

“I liked Shannon the first time I met him, and have always felt comfortable around him. He is a wonderful person and chiropractor. I will recommend him to my clients and gym members, as well as my friends and family.”

– L.J.

“My aunt suggested I see Dr. Myers because of problems I was having with my neck after a car accident. My pain was bad but the care I have received has definitely improved the way I feel. The pain I was constantly having is now gone!”

– K.R.

“I suffered from severe back pain and sciatica. After coming to Dr. Myers for chiropractic care and treatment, I can now sit without being in pain. I can also get into bed better than ever and stand with weight on both feet. I am so thankful for the changes that have taken place through chiropractic.”

– P.G.

“I was referred to Dr. Myers by my wife who is a patient. I have suffered with severe back pain for a long time. There were times when I hurt so much I could not get out of bed. Since I have been getting adjusted I can tell a big difference. After 1 week of care I felt better than I have in 3 years. I am able to get out of bed and even my medical doctor can tell a big difference.”

– R.B.

“I met Dr. Myers at a spinal screening. I had migraine headaches and was seeing a doctor who prescribed medication. I am not one who likes taking medicine. After talking to Dr. Myers I decided to give chiropractic a chance. The first adjustment made a huge difference. Dr. Myers has been a life saver! I am no longer taking medication for headaches. I have not had a migraine in more than two months. It has worked for me!”

– K.T.

“My daughter used to work for Dr. Myers and encouraged me to come in. I had lower back pain and problems with my neck. After my treatment had begun I could see and feel the improvement almost instantly. I can now turn my head without pain at all! My lower back feels much better! I am able to sit down in church without pain. My allergies have improved and my sinuses are not stopped up. I can now breathe much better.”

– B.H.

“Before seeing Dr. Myers, I had pain in my shoulder for a year along with my lower back and hips. I always got out of bed hurting and never had a good night’s rest. Since coming to see him, I sleep better and wake up feeling much better. It has been a short time and I feel I need to keep up the program; it is really working!”

– M.B.

“I had neck and spine problems when I entered Dr. Myers’ program and after two weeks I could tell he had made improvement in both areas. Because of this success I have recommended several friends to him and they have been very happy with their results. I would recommend Dr. Myers to anyone.”

– W.G.

“One of my friends referred me to Dr. Myers because I was having alot of back pain, neck pain and headaches. I scheduled an appointment to see if there was anything he could do to help me. Since I began treatment, I have not had a headache. Neither my back nor my neck hurt anymore at all. Dr. Myers has done a wonderful job! I feel great!”

– B.B.

“When neck and shoulder pain started to get worse I decided to see if chiropractic could help. I was having tingling and numbness in my arms and shoulders. Since I began care I can say that almost ALL the problems I were having are gone. Thanks be to God and Dr. Myers.”

– J.M.W

“I learned about Dr. Myers through Kim W. at East Tennessee Medical Massage. I came to the ofice with neck pain and headaches. Dr. Myers has truly helped me. I feel better and my headaches have stopped. They have stopped in a very short amount of time with very thorough adjustments.”

– A.G.

“After the birth of my daughter, my tailbone kept me in a lot of pain while sitting. It has taken some time but now I can sit and stand without grimacing in pain. One can take it for granted when you can sit down without pain. I am so glad that I am getting back to normal!”

– S.B.

“I was experiencing numbness in my right side and since my treatments with Dr. Myers the numbness is completely gone. Thanks so much!”

– B.W.

“I have rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain in the neck, hip and knees. The pain was like a migraine in my hips that had hot lava pouring out on the bones. Dr. Myers has helped me just making me feel better all the way around! With the rheumatoid arthritis, I have much fewer flare ups.”

– M.T.

“I have lumbar scoliosis with a forty degree curve so my husband thought chiropractic could help. I have suffered from severe pain and muscle spasms on regular basis. I have been coming to Dr. Myers for one year and I have fewer muscle spasms and my pain is less than it has ever been. I no longer take as much medicine as I did before I came to see him. I can enjoy life better now because of Dr. Myers and his team.”

– D.H.

“I had a lot of stiffness in my lower back. I also have what doctors call restless leg syndrome. I was skeptical about being adjusted but through talking to Dr. Myers and my wife, who is a patient, I decided to start care. I as so glad I did! My restless leg syndrome has not been an issue since!”

– B.V.

“I pass by Dr. Myers office every day and decided to stop in. I have been having left arm and shoulder pain. I had been in a lot pain for a month before seeking care. I wanted a solution for pain, not something to cover it up. After the first week I felt less pain, resting better, and actually feel stronger. My posture has improved and strangely enough so has my mood. I am able to concentrate on other things other than pain.”

– Blaine

“I was referred to Dr. Myers by a friend. I had low back pain that went down my legs. This has gone on for almost 20 years. Since I began care I no longer have any pain at night. I also have more movement in my back, which is a plus because I am a golfer. I have been playing golf for 25 years and since I have been coming to see Dr. Myers I get through the ball much better and have picked up about 30 yards. Now I have had to learn a new game; hitting with a shorter iron. This is all thanks to Dr. Myers!”

– G.C.

“I was experiencing pain due to a fall down the stairs. After the first adjustment I was no longer having the pain that I had when I first fell. I am now not in the pain I had when I first came into the office!”

– M.M

“I had been living with low back pain for two years. It was also going down into my right leg. By getting adjusted it has allowed me to do the things that I love to do along with some of the more physical things in life. Now for the first time in a really long time, I am pain free!”

– J.C.

“I had been having back and neck pain. It was truly starting to affect my quality of life. After getting adjusted, I am now able to move more freely without any pain. I can play with my son and not have to stop because of the pain. Dr. Myers has restored my quality of life which I was not sure could be done!”

– B.D.

“I was referred to Dr. Myers by my son who is a patient. I had a pinched nerve, muscle spasms and severe allergies. Chiropractic care has relived the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. I have also noticed relief in my sinuses and allergies. Rather than just have symptoms treated by taking medications, I chose to have the problem cured by chiropractic care.”

– D.B.

“I have had bad back pain and sciatica for a while now. I have also had headaches and neck pain. WOW! After the first adjustment, I felt a world of difference. Yes, I was a little sore, but Dr. Myers phoned me after my appointment and assured me that some soreness is to be expected. I had so much energy and was able to stand for longer periods of time. It was the first time in a long time I was able to do that. In fact, the very next day I froze 52 pints of strawberry preserves. I truly believe that he has done wonderful things for me. Thank you!”

– J.J.

“I was having issues with my neck, head and shoulders. My head hurt so badly at night that I could not got to sleep no matter how many pain medications I had taken. I also had a 20 year old back injury that always hurt. It has taken six weeks of adjustments but now I am pain free and the headaches have disappeared! Even my back feels better! I feel like doing things again that I haven’t been able to do for years such as gardening, horseback riding and vacuuming the whole house. I know that I will keep seeing Dr. Myers so I will stay pain free!”

– K.S.

“I had been told by friends that Dr. Myers could help. I had fallen and aggravated an existing problem in my lower back. This was the fourth issue with my lower back in one year. After 2 weeks my back continued to worsen. When I received my first adjustment from Dr. Myers, I came into his office using a walker. Day 2, I was on a cane and by the third day I was feebly walking again. Dr. Myers came in on Saturday and Sunday to adjust me. He even met me on Christmas Day. What a blessing it has been to not only feel healthy again but to gain trust and friendship with Dr. Myers and Kim! Thanks be to God for the kindness and abilities of them both!”

– M.C.

“After 2 1/2 weeks of intense lower back pain, I came to Dr. Myers office to try chiropractic adjustments. I was tired of muscle relaxers and pain relievers that only help for a few hours. After one adjustment, I was able to stand up and sit down easily. In the following weeks most all the pain has subsided. I have been very pleased with the relief that chiropractic has given me with my back. Chiropractic has given me so much relief and I am very grateful.”

– Ginger

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