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Posted on 04-05-2017

Meet your Family Chiropractor in Johnson City!

Welcome to Myers Chiropractic from Dr. Myers, your chiropractor in Johnson City. Today, we wanted to share with you what to expect when visiting Dr. Myers for adult or pediatric chiropractic care. 

Family smiling after meeting their family chiropractor

About Dr. Myers, Our Johnson City Chiropractor

As a Family Chiropractor in Johnson City, Dr. Myers provides chiropractic adjustments that are tailored to every patient, using the whole person approach. If you have ever gotten frustrated with the limited time and attention you receive when seeking wellness care, you will enjoy Dr. Myers' thorough approach. 

Dr. Myers enjoys complementing state of the art chiropractic care with physiotherapies for wellness and nutrition tips for best health. Above all, we want our patients to enjoy good health. Count on Dr. Myers to dispense healthy lifestyle advice. 

When you seek chiropractic care for your children, it's essential to see someone who understands how to adjust children effectively without using too much pressure on growing bodies. Dr. Myers has a chiropractic license and he is trained in performing pediatric adjustments. You can trust Dr. Myers with your health and that of your children. 

Services Our Family Chiropractor in Johnson City Offers

Dr. Myers offers chiropractic care for adults and children. Rather than take medication to relieve back pain or headaches, Dr. Myers uses chiropractic techniques that realign the spine and relieve tension in muscles, joints, and ligaments. 

Services we offer include chiropractic care, corrective exercises, spinal and postural screenings, lifestyle advice and nutrition counseling. We favor the Diversified technique for chiropractic adjustments. This method uses low speed and pressure to push the spine back into alignment and relieve blockages. Every adjustment positively improves your wellness. When you come see us for back pain or neck pain, our adjustments will relieve not only the pain you feel but any secondary symptoms, such as more frequent headaches. 

See Our Johnson City Chiropractor

Would you like to set up an appointment for back pain, neck pain, or pediatric chiropractic care? Dr. Myers is accepting new patients now. Reserve your next appointment on our website or call us today.

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